Le L293


The Motor Driver 



 1.3.UnitÚs ; Formules

Notes on Pulse Width Modulation


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The L293 Dual Bridge Motor Driver IC Pinouts.

Vss = Logic Supply  = 4.5V to 36V 

Vs = Motor Driver Supply = Vss to 36V

Although Vs is recommended to be equal or greater than Vss I've had no adverse affects using Vss = 5V and Vs = 3.6V to 4V. Well not to date anyways. ;)

Total Power Dissipation at Tground-pins =80 o C = 5 W

From this the maximum current can be derived: 

If V = 3.6 Volts and P = 5 Watts

So from    P = VI (Power = Volts x Current)

                  I = P / V  = 5 / 3.6 = 1.4 Amps

As the motor draws approx 0.8 Amps at maximum efficiency, this leaves 0.6 Amps for overhead.












1.6. Utilisations


Examples of use:

Note: BugBot uses the bi-directional mode as shown on the left hand side of the IC.
The right hand side show methods for mono-directional connection. Top right shows active high and bottom right shows active low.




The selected mode of operation for BugBot bi-directional Bridge Driver with control line info. Or if you prefer the Truth Table:










2.2.Formules +









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